Born a Yankee, raised a Southerner, currently living the California dream. A trained artist working as a self-taught software developer for Visual FX. I’m in this industry because my drive in life is to create. I find the same creative outlet whether the task is writing code, painting textures, rigging, or animating characters. Free time is spent hungrily learning and consuming information. At any given time I am in the process of learning at least one new sport, one new skill, and reading several books. I’m currently running through everything Malcolm Gladwell has ever written, attempting to master surfing, and taking a course in PHP.

Professional Highlights

  • BFA Animation – Savannah College of Art & Design
  • Trained generalist and character setup artist.
  • Experienced software & tools developer.
  • Fluent in Python, mel/pymel, PERL, django, Javascript/jQuery, C#, Bash, HTML/CSS, and PyQt.
  • 6 years production experience including television and feature film.