LITE Virtual Tour



This is a promo piece for the company. LITE is a state-of-art visualization facility with all of types of stereoscopic 3-d viewing options that are extremely hard to describe with any amount of clarity. This “game” allows the company to show clients exactly what it is the facility has to offer. I unfortunately left the position just before completing the project and thus did not have time to complete the fine-tuning of the look or the performance as well as not being able to fully test for bugs. I apologize for all color shift, artifacts, bugs and chugging.


  • Responsible for all level design including interaction scripting, FX, HUD & audio implementation, locomotion, and layout
  • Designed an efficient texturing pipeline and created %60 of the textures.
  • R&D’d and implemented the effect of switching between a 2d and 3d screen
  • Lit each level in the game and was responsible for the final  look
  • Incorporated streaming external video so that changes to movies did not require uploading a new build
  • Built menu screen and incorporated visual elements
  • Added a sweet-ass easter egg. Who remembers the Konami code?