Adult Swim Pilot


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Cheyenne Cinnamon is an Adult Swim pilot I worked on at Radical Axis Studios. The show is a low budget 3d series described by the creator, Dave Willis, as “a Strawberry Shortcake pop princess that lives in a candy wonderland just outside of Detroit. She comes into Detroit and helps solve problems of racism and teen pregnancy with the power of love and teen pop songs.” Cheyenne was the winner of a battle of the bands for pilots put on by Adult Swim. The show aired on Cartoon Network on March 29, 2010 as a result.


  • Built character rig from scratch while building a suite of auto-rigging tools for the studio
  • Designed and implemented pipeline for maintaining rigs, exporting animation from Maya, and importing animation into the Unity game engine
  • Built car rig and tool for procedurally rotating wheels


Radical Axis